Should the UK Treat the EU as One Nation or Twenty-Seven?


A little after the new Foreign Secretary, Alexander ‘Boris’ Johnson, was booed at the French embassy yesterday, France commenced its annual celebrations of the bloodthirsty terrorist revolution against their monarchy.

Now, I think it was Chairman Deng Xiaoping who said that it was too early yet to say what the effects of the French Revolution would be. But it is fair to say that the ‘enlightened’ principles of that terrible event – including the false equation between people of one culture and the next and the mistaken equivalence of fairness, equality and justice – are a major reason that the EU today has shown not only utterly ineffective at protecting national security interests but actively tries to stop member nations from doing so.

Perhaps Europe (and especially the French), would like to take a moment to consider that terrorists are bad.

Moreover, social orders built on terrorism beget more terrorism. When the ideology of the terrorist defines the structure of the state – the society will collapse and eventually the state will collapse. Anyone who thinks the UK may remain a party to the EU will be overtaken by this reality in the next few years.

It was obvious from Johnson’s reception at the French embassy in London yesterday that the diplomatic circuit continue to despise anyone who wishes to break from the Union. Today, Johnson will travel to Brussels to meet with the Foreign Ministers of other EU states and, presumably, discuss Brexit. I suspect that their intense jealousy of the UK’s breakout from their failing project will only cause them to double down more on their ego-investments into their synthetic,  collective Euro-identity. Why send Johnson like a lamb to the slaughter to face a room of 27 bigots with a clear, revolutionist-backed agenda against him? One Etonian v 27 graduates of the ENA or similar? Don’t talk to me about his privilege!

It is time for Johnson to deal with the nations of Europe individually. Only nations have a mandate to secure borders, consolidate people within a national character and thereby keep the peace.

The nation states are the only social units that can balance freedom and exclusivity in the interests of a prosperous society. Rather than continue to be a minority vote in a group whose majority interests are stacked against us – we should meet national representatives eye to eye and, if necessary, tell them to pull their socks up and take control.

As I have written before, Diversity + proximity = war.

One comment

  1. It’s tough one. Bureaucrats do not like true leadership, they resent it. They believe leadership is a result of long hours and chumming up to the right people. They either despise bold dynamic, creative people, or they just miss the point altogether and just want to measure it!

    Smaller individual and unique units, whether states or companies can adjust, tailor make and decide much faster that big bureaucratic groups with little or no accountability.

    Well said Euroflotsam.

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