Brexit-Budget Mogg-Slapped


The best example of the quisling lobby’s hyperventilating appeal to the limbic system of God’s people is Chancellor George Osborne’s spiteful and shallow threat of a ‘post-Brexit emergency budget.’

This scare has been earnestly debated by the free and controlled press alike. What kind of havoc would ensue on the markets if we left? Will the Pound go the way of the Zim? If we Brexit tomorrow, will the sun rise on Friday? Such concerns do wonders for the arm-chair Ceaușescus in Westminster and back-seat Stalins in Brussels.

However, the one voice that completely blew open the echo-chambers of the ‘moderate’ discussion was that of Jacob Rees-Mogg OE. In an interview which deserves to live in infamy, the Honourable member for North-East Somerset held out his staff and cleaved the deluge of bullshit in twain.

BBC Daily Politics Show (female interviewer):

“Jacob Rees-Mogg, what’s wrong with having an emergency budget? If there’s a vote to leave, there will be big decisions to take!”

Jacob Rees-Mogg:

“The Chancellor basically needs to calm down and, regrettably, stop talking nonsense. If we vote to leave on Thursday, there is a minimum two year period in which we are still a member of the European Union. Article 50 [of the TFEU] takes time to be exercised. So what he is doing in this hysterical suggestion of an emergency budget is ignoring the treaty provisions for the orderly departure of a member state. He really ought to read the treaties more carefully and particularly an excellent report by the House of Lords European Committee which sets out how Article 50 would work and underpins that the purpose of Article 50 is to avoid an economic dislocation, both for the leaving state and even more importantly, from their point of view, for other states of the European Union.

BBC Stability-Woman:

“But Jacob Rees-Mogg many on your side, on the vote to leave, have stated that there could be a short term shock. There could be instability, and George Osbourne is only saying that the government would respond – in the event of a leave vote – which he and other economic institutions have predicted would lead to some sort of meltdown.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg:

“The meltdown idea is a far-fetched one. What most of the commentators have said is that there may be some instability in currency markets, but there is always instability in currency markets. This is par for the course in the financial system, that nobody wold know the economic effects within a week or two of a vote to leave, so and emergency budget is really indicating a degree of panic. It’s a very silly thing to say, quite honestly – and for the Chancellor to jettison conservative principles in favour of his Europhilia seems to me desperately unwise.”

BB☭ woman (now visibly aroused by the rare sight of a man in public life who clearly understands how resources are generated):

“Right. So, I mean, in terms of you and others signing to say that you would vote down that sort of budget, you’re going to vote against your own government on something as critical as a budget?”

Big J, Thane of Radstock, Burgermeister of Batheaston:

“It’s not my government, it’s Her Majesty’s,


but I’m going to stick to the manifesto I stood on that said we would not raise income tax. Indeed, George Osbourne introduced a law last year, to make it illegal to raise income tax. And the economy is not going to react in the way he is saying. The forecasts are based on assumptions that no rational person would follow – and the Treasury assumptions are ones that he’d given away to an independent body until he decided he needed to arrange the figures to suit his political arguments.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 03.48.18













Don’t-walk-on-the-grass Woman:

“But you’re prepared to basically vote down the budget of a Conservative government!

Pope of the Civil Parishes of Swainswick and High Littleton, Cardinal of Keynsham:

“I would vote against a budget that broke Conservative Party manifesto pledges and more importantly, a budget introduced out of spite to punish the British voters for not obeying the wisdom of George Osbourne. It is the height of arrogance, a week before the vote, to say that if you don’t do what I say, I’m going to punish you. I think it is very damaging to George Osbourne’s credibility as chancellor.”

BBC woman (realising the scare-game is up and submitting to her Mogg and King):

“Do you think George Osbourne should remain as Chancellor if the UK votes to leave the EU?”

Jacob Rees-Godd:

“It won’t be a matter for me.”

Woman (fighting back multiple orgasms):

“But what do you think?”

The Emperor of North-East Somerset:

“Well let’s wait until we have the vote.”

Woman, whose name is frailty:

“Well you’ve been quite outspoken until now…”


“He’s done a lot of damage to his credibility and he’ll have a hard task to rebuild it.”


“Jacob Rees-Mogg on the Iron Throne of Destiny in the Great Hall in the city of King’s Landing, thank you.”


Notice how she pushed and pushed for any sign of weakness – desperately attempting to support the bullying, spiteful, totalitarian Remainiacs until the effort at sustaining their lies became too much and, overwhelmed by exhaustion, she defaulted on all her assumptions and submitted to the Mogg.

The Mogg’s handling of the BBC is a textbook example of how to deal with political cross-examinations in general and with women in particular. By the end, she had completely changed her line on whether it was the people or the Chancellor who are threatened by the spiteful ’emergency budget’ fad.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has turned the guns back on the enemy. This woman has snuck out of Pharoh’s palace and now if The Mogg were to speak up in favour of bombing Narnia or invading the Sun, she would remain right beside him. I guarantee it.

Thus saith the Mogg of the British unto Osborne, let my people go, that they may serve me.

rees mogg2

…now, go forth and vote.

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