Remainiacs – Pull Yourselves Together!


No solvent country would want to join the European Union now. This is because it is obvious that the EU’s survival depends not upon collaboration among the group to build wealth, but upon asset-stripping its wealthy members to keep the poor members in limbo between bankruptcy and recovery. As a principle of natural law, it follows that the EU is the only shrinking trade bloc on the planet and will soon de-regulate entirely or die.

So far, only governments have been responsible for the mess but, this Thursday, the British may become the first citizens on the continent to grant a mandate to their nation’s part in the wanton rampage of un-audited destruction, arbitrary power grabs, and theft. This un-precedented co-option of the people in to an utterly undemocratic process is itself a clear symptom of the EU’s crisis. If the British public issue the Union a final encore, we’ll all have to watch the clapped-out diva sing herself hoarse for another half-decade before collapsing in the limelight. The British shall be reminded, daily, of their direct accountability and individual willingness to comply with the thickening deluge of desperate measures which will be employed in the run-up to the EU’s death.  If the British vote to walk out now, there is a possibility – just a possibility – that the swan song might be cut a little short.

It stands to reason that the only motivation that a wealthy people already inside the Union might have to vote to remain is that they fear the much-hyped but completely unknown punitive consequences of getting out. That’s what it boils down to. You wouldn’t vote to remain in something that you wouldn’t vote to join in the first place unless you feared you had something to lose. Las Vegas is built on the profit margin of irrational investment which arises from this very dynamic – and continues to thrive at the expense of those passing through. The hostage is compliant – but that doesn’t make it any less of a hostage situation.

Alas, the British tradition of standing up against injustice – which continues throughout her Commonwealth and former Empire – has collapsed at home. For the first time in the lives of all of us, the decision to appease continental bullies has been reduced to media-frenzied economic speculation and a public vote.

I wonder what Europe would look like today if this had been the British modus operandi throughout the 20th Century? What colour would the flag be above the Reichstag? In which language would the French be criticising our abandonment of the continent in their hour of need? Which European capital would be the seat of European security, justice and peace?

And, around the World, I wonder what our former colonies would look like if they had been established under a jingoism like ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité?‘ And governed not by British Common Law but by Roman Law and the Napoleonic Code?


The fact is that, behind the neatly trimmed lawns, BMW lined driveways and vacuum-packed windows of British Pardonia, the ectoplasm of British wealth depends upon a complex conjuring effect which pushes the envelope for private debts, mortgage payments and loans onto foreign economies, the state and younger generations. Brexit is ultimately a moral decision, but anyone who is maxed out on a credit card, has a mortgage, a state pension plan or a spouse who demands foreign holidays naturally harbours terrible fears about the relative value of British currency and the stability of interest rates on which their fragile cash-lines depend. Watch them as you move among the Marks n’ Sparks suits at any suburban cocktail party. Look at the shifty-eyed EU-Remain as he arrives from the office and glances one last time at his Blackberry. Watch him enter the living-room and take his cocktail glass like a blind-man reaching for his stick. Look at his fingers – nails bitten to the quick – as he reaches for that last prawn-cocktail canapé.

It has your name on it,’ rasps his wife in a fag-tainted croak, as she turns to the hostess and swaps daintily-competative anecdotes about the next family holiday in Alicante. EU-Remain (individuals, their companies and government institutions), are all carrying the burden of social and material expectations along rickety gang-planks suspended above a sea of postcode-penury and Hogarthian holiday beggary in Bognor.

When the party looks to be over – as it now does – EU Remain suggests to suave, solvent, Brexit that they share a taxi home to reduce carbon emissions. They set off, but EU-Remain is desperate to pee – so Brexit tells the driver to speed up. Alas, though, even the slightest jolt will cause EU-Remain to wet himself, and a speed-bump looms at the end of Independence Avenue, so EU-Remain demands that the taxi slow right down to be safe to other road users.

The journey becomes sluggish and the Taxi driver (an immigrant), gets lost – resulting in wasted time, a higher fare and a clean-up bill for both of them when EU Remain can’t hold it in any longer and wets himself anyway.

That is what the next decade looks like for Britain if they remain: two people, one drenched in urine, standing penniless by the traffic lights and trying to thumb a lift. The one drenched in urine turns to the other and says that they did the right thing based on what they knew at the time.


The trouble with the EU-Remain lobby is that, because they can’t state their real case (fear), out loud – they must project their personal fragility onto everyone else with virtue-signalling and ideological posturing that has now turned into a kind of tinpot political machine in its own right.

Like alcoholics, gamblers and sex-addicts – anyone who prioritises their immediate personal comfort over the general welfare of society must find ways to present their individual case as somehow being based on universal virtues. So, when held up next to Brexit’s basic drive to reclaim sovereignty and put national interests first, the Remain lobby’s arguments are wracked with irreconcilable contradictions and based on make-believe virtues like ‘peace‘ and ‘prosperity‘ and ‘stability.’

The same person who claims that leaving would have an adverse effect on our international trade would extol the virtues of Europe-wide protectionist policies which push cheaper global imports out of the market (to the great detriment of parts of our own Commonwealth).

The same people who fret that we will lose agricultural or industrial subsidies of every kind will furiously and wilfully ignore that, as net contributors, those subsidies could be more than met by British coffers. If we did meet those subsidies ourselves, of course, they would immediately point out the inefficiency of those programmes.

If we left, the fear of having trade embargoes slapped on us would turn overnight to outrage at us refusing to subsidise failing continental industries – but these same people show no outrage about EU trading standards which put European markets out of reach of manufacturers in, for example, Africa.

They talk about brain-drain crises in the context of picking the best skilled workers from African and Latin American workforces – but not those which result from unfettered migration within the Union.

Especially infuriating to my expatriate ears is the myth that the British would face a bureaucratic nightmare whenever they visit the continent. I have never heard the Swiss or Norwegian citizen complain of such problems. From Quito to Shanghai, the greatest hurdle of living abroad is not the bureaucracy itself but the dealing with it in a foreign language – so I can only surmise that those who perpetuate this myth are able to do so because they have a sympathetic audience who are similarly predisposed to agree with any line of reasoning provided that it leads back to the pre-determined conclusion: we must stay in the EU!

Then – and this is the real icing on the cake – you have the Scottish Nationalists. Less than two years ago, 45% of the Scots voted to detach from the UK. Whether this was for patriotic reasons or because they thought they would be better off without some monocled English imperialist poking his brass-topped cane into the welfare-driven quagmire of the Scottish economy remains about as clear to me as cow-bollocks in haggis, however what is clear is that these same people are now poised to vote overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. Aside that Scotland is a distinctly unlovely prospect to the vampires of Brussels unless it comes complete with its mechanically aided pulse from England – do Scottish Nationalists really think that they’ll have more clout as one voice in twenty-seven than they would as one voice in four? Do they think that Westminster, in which they have disproportionately high democratic representation, is somehow less responsive to their needs than the EU – in which they have no democratic representation at all?

Do Remainiacs seriously think that Europe would turn its back on the fifth economy on Earth when the share of British trade to the globe is rising every year? Do they really believe that the only shrinking trade block on Earth would thus cut off its nose to spite its face?

Of course, they don’t really believe any of these things. The reason Scottish Nationalists are being so quiet at the moment is that they lay bare the mental point of origin for the ideological Remainiac:

“Which is more important to me: the destruction of a heritage I effect to be oppressed by, or the supranational values I effect to support instead?”


Hate, Rage and Jealousy

So who are the Remainiacs; the agitators, the manufacturers of the quick-consumption quisling justifications for selling the family silver, the authors of shitty little soundbites, gimmicky little threats and instagram-filtered memes involving quotations mis-appropriated from Zen philosophy, Churchill or Albert Einstein?owen jones

The reason that Her Majesty remains the head of state in fifty-three countries is that British Colonialism was extremely successful. Even my patriotic Indian Godfather has to concede: “Well – at least we didn’t have the French.” British Colonialism has brought prosperity to tens of millions across the globe and continues to set the legal and social standards for the 2.2 billion citizens under Her Majesty’s reign. Except – that is – the ex-colonial bitterati and their chippy fifth columnist friends in the British media. What this noisy minority are unable to admit is that the real impetus for their position isn’t based in any kind of informed opinion about what might be best for themselves, but in what they perceive to be worst for their betters.

The cause of this national ego-crisis can be attributed to a number of things, such as an absent parent, cultural displacement, skin colour, low Testosterone levels, failure to enter a committed relationship, status anxiety, long-term welfare/student loan/parental dependency and associated hopelessness in their ability to make it for themselves – or simply small penis size. What it amounts to, however, is the entire runt-half of the British population itching to cuckold, humiliate, and hold up their own nation out of spite in order to make themselves feel adequate by comparison.

Remainiacs are the people who smugly plant themselves in the middle lane of the motorway and drive at 70mph. Their tailback of loyal followers are merely the non-starters who won’t undertake or overtake.

As they define themselves by a negative criteria, the Remain vote consists of interests which have no locus, are irreconcilable with each other and therefore cannot be dealt with by any administration – not even a democratic one.

That does not mean there are no arguments for Remaining, it just means that the remain camp has reached peak entropy; a state in which they construe almost any argument involving the EU to be an argument to remain. There is no prevailing wind. They are becalmed.

An all time low? EU-Remain recently wheeled out transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard against party-leader Nigel Farage.

An all time low? EU-Remain enthusiastically wheeled out transvestite comedian Eddie Izzard against ‘loony fruitcake’ party-leader Nigel Farage.

This does not mean that they will lose – just that they will vote without any satisfactory collective rationalisation for their feelings. And that means that, in the end, they won’t win, either.

A Death and Resurrection

What better endorsement could the faceless despots who administrate the EU receive than the vote of confidence in their leadership from the greatest civilisation on Earth? What better indication could Britain give that she has turned her back on the principles that established the Free World, than to throw her dwindling national resources at a dogmatic and cultureless bureaucracy’s spree of destruction? Imagine the dismay of our oppressed European neighbours – some already turning to the streets in violence against their bound governments, others bravely defying Brussels to protect Christendom (and winning), when they see the fifth largest economy on the planet – the mother of liberty – bow to the threats of a self-appointed kleptocracy with utter contempt for civil society. The way in which the Commission have treated Cypriots, arbitrarily emptying their personal bank accounts to pay collective debts, is very instructive because it shows us how they will treat the British once they think they can get away with it. And with the blessing of the British public standing steadfastly behind their Prime Minister, we could get there sooner than we thought.

There is a particularly pathetic spectacle looming in Europe – that of a wealthy people giving up the fight for the nations of Christendom while several poorer countries pioneer their own paths to freedom.

But, in God’s good time – although the EU-Remain voters hardly deserve it – help will arrive from abroad; help from friends who remember us by the British virtues we established in their societies – not for what we became when our people were co-opted into endorsing everything those virtues stood against. Help from those who represent the wealth of the people, not that of governments. Help, dare I say it, from a Scot, a Christian and a patriot.

This is not the end.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 00.20.20

Done at Paris Eurostar Terminal

With thanks to my friend Dr. Andrew Swampillai, coined the term ‘Remainiac.’



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